Data Warehousing|CRM|Date Mining


Beyond Numerics provides comprehensive solutions in and around the Data Warehouse process. Our solutions are designed to help our clients in managing their high volume and highly complex data.

We take a vender neutral approach in delivering and supporting solutions that perform and scale to adapt to the clients current and future business requirements.

Our professional services team contains the quality and depth of experience that is required to not only understand and deliver technology, but also to understand business requirements, and the business industry of our clients.

Our solution engagements are powered by our past and ongoing experience in the industry which enables us to provide and deliver a “Best-Practices” experience to our clients.

Beyond Numerics offers the following solutions which enable our clients to transform their complex data into meaningful information


Our data Warehouse solutions assists our clients in capturing, integrating and managing their enterprise data.

Our Data Warehouse team is equipped with the industry / technology specific experience to source and deliver services for all stages of the Data Warehouse process. These services, which are not vendor specific, but process specific and are commonly practices in implementing a successful Enterprise-Wide Data Warehouse.

- Data Warehouse Architecture / Design
- Information / Business Analysis
- Data Modeling
- Data Cleansing
- Data Integration (ETL)
- Database Management
- Data Analysis / Reporting


Beyond Numerics understands our client’s requirements to implement a CRM solution which will help them in analyzing dynamic changes in their customer’s demands. We assist our customers in developing a CRM strategy which helps them in building and maintaining customer relationships.

Our Professional Services CRM team remains Vendor neutral while evaluating and implementing the best CRM strategy for our clients. Our teams skilled in this field will go beyond supporting a CRM software package by providing valuable planning and implementation.

- Business Process and Requirement Analysis
- Design and development CRM Strategy
- Software package analysis
- Design, Develop and Implement
- Training and Support


Beyond Numerics professionals have the required skill set to deliver the “Next” experience in the Data Warehouse environment by transforming the data into intelligence, which assists our clients in making strategic decisions.

Again, by staying vendor neutral we are able to custom fit a Data Mining product to meet our client’s analysis requirements. We are able to help our clients in delivering following tasks:

- Market Basket Analysis
- Deviation Detection
- Predicting
- Classification
- Detection of relations
- Explicit modeling

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