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Beyond Numerics provides end-to-end full range of services. These services can be part of the solutions that we provide or can meet your project-specific requirements.


- Staffing Services
------Contract Personnel Services
------Full-Time Placement
------Contract to Full-Time Employment
- Project Management
Architecture Analysis
------Business Direction Model
------Information Model
------Functional Hierarchy
------Application Architecture
- Proof-of-concept
- Application Development
- Education/Training Services


IT staffing firms are not all alike. What distinguishes Beyond Numerics from the 1000's of other firms is our ability to add value to your team. Our Staff partners with your project management team to develop a thorough understanding of your technical, functional, and cultural project needs. We take a proactive role in securing the best talent for you today and tomorrow. As technology changes, so will the complexity of your projects. We offer a complete range of services from pure staff augmentation to subject matter expert presentations. Our ability to secure hard to find resources helps you implement your projects on time and within budgetary constraints.

Contract Personnel Services
For many, Staff Augmentation means putting a body in a seat. At Beyond Numerics we consider our role as a Staff Augmentation Partner to be vital part of your project's success. We provide staff augmentation services for both short and long term needs. Our staff is made up of experienced technical professionals who are kept up to date with an aggressive training program to ensure we maintain our leading edge focus. Each consultant represents our client on the project. Their role is to be more than a functional or technical complement to a project team. Our consultants provide functional, technical and thought leadership and are committed to making significant contributions to the project. Our contract staff is comprised primarily of W-2 employees who are provided with a comprehensive benefits package that includes paid medical, dental, life insurance, long-term disability, a matching 401K plan after 90 days, training, referral incentive program, paid overtime, and paid time off as they become eligible. Our benefits package is designed to attract and keep the "best of the best" in the industry.

Full-Time Placement
Beyond Numerics is called upon to provide direct hire candidates for our clients. To accomplish this, we utilize the same methodology we use to source, qualify and screen our own consultants. These services are available for a fee based upon the candidate's initial base salary. We provide a select choice of pre-screened, pre-qualified candidates for our client's review and acceptance. All candidates hired under this option come with a limited replacement guarantee. This guarantee minimizes hiring risks and attracts candidates who might not have been identified through traditional methods.

Contract to Full-Time Employment
Beyond Numerics also offers a combination of the above in the form of a contract-to-full-time (direct hire) option for our clients. In this case, our client has the option to hire our employee after a specified contract length. This gives the client and the staff member the opportunity to "check each other out" before making a long-term commitment to each other. The fee for this service is based on a sliding scale depending on the length of the contract. In most cases, the placement fee can be waived entirely after a specified pre-determined period.

Beyond Numerics has been providing flexible staffing solutions to clients across multiple industries, technologies and geographies. We can tailor a solution to best fit your specific needs.

Beyond Numerics, the bottom line is:

For direct hire placements, Beyond Numerics will credit 100% of your fee if the client/candidate relationship is terminated within the first thirty (30) days for any reason.
For contract staff augmentation, we will provide a two-week guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we will replace the candidate and not bill for the two-week guarantee period.

Additionally, we guarantee
As long as a candidate we placed works with your organization, we will not function as his or her recruiter for additional projects.

Beyond Numerics' consultants are readily available to offer innovative solutions in the following technical specialties:
Client Server
RDBMS (Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Ingress, DB2, IDMS, etc.)
Network Support
Internet/Multimedia Development
ERP (SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle Financials, BaaN, etc.)
Application Development
Data Warehousing
Project Management
Quality Assurance
Java/J2EE Technology
Web Development
And many more Top-Tier Talent for your IT solutions …

Our talented professionals have risen to the challenge, time and time again, applying their expertise to projects for a wide range of clients. Their skill and determination have helped our partners in a variety of industries continue their traditions of excellence. In fact, we are confident that there is no technical challenge for which Team Beyond Numerics cannot exceed your expectations.


The Project Management Service provides a comprehensive set of services from project planning through project recoveries. Beyond Numerics’ Project Management Services is significantly differentiated from other firms because our quality management system, based on Six Sigma, CMM, ISO 9001 standards, has been seamlessly integrated in our methodologies, processes, tools templates and training approaches.

Our project managers have successfully completed projects on time, within scope and budget. Beyond time, scope, budget and quality our practitioners insist on exceeding our client’s expectations.

Beyond Numerics offer strategic Business Enterprise Architecture analysis services that result in an enterprise information systems strategy. This strategy provides an overview of the organization and its information systems requirements and serves as a structured framework for the development of integrated applications. There are four major deliverables of a Business Enterprise Architecture strategy
• The Business Direction Model
• The Information Model
• The Functional Hierarchy
• The Application Architecture

The Business Direction Model
The Business Direction Model outlines the goals and objectives of the organization, then further defines critical success factors (CSF's) and key performance indicators (KPI's). Goals are broadly expressed statements that support the mission of the organization. Objectives quantify the goal. Critical success factors are those things that must be in place to achieve the objective and, in turn, to realize the goal. Key performance indicators are the specific measurements of success.

The Information Model
The Information Model is a diagram composed of high-level entities and the relationships between them, along with descriptions and examples. It is a model of the information within an organization, and illustrates how that information is linked.

The Functional Hierarchy
Function modeling provides a model of what an organization does (its functions) and how those functions can be grouped. The functions within a business are grouped into a hierarchy.

The Application Architecture
Once the Information Model and the Functional Hierarchy of the business Enterprise Architecture have been completed, the relationships and dependencies between entities and functions are established through high-level strategic analysis. Every entity must be maintained by at least one function, and every function must use at least one entity.

Beyond Numerics’ aim with the Proof Of Concept (POC) program is to give you tangible proof of how quickly and efficiently we can deliver solutions for your specific needs. In the course of the POC demo, we can answer any questions that you have and help you understand the desired solution.

Our POC offer is absolutely free with no strings attached. You have no obligations, except to give us limited access to some of your resources. Once we complete the POC, you can evaluate it to see how it fits your needs. If it interests you (as we are sure it will), we take this forward, otherwise, you have no obligations.

Bottom line, with our POC program, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Try us and you might just be surprised at just what our services can achieve for you.

Beyond Numerics delivers sophisticated application development methodologies and highly effective prototype-driven Iterative and Incremental Application Development approaches ably supported by our proven delivery model and mature quality management system.
These include:
------Product development
------Customized development
------New application development
------Rapid application development.

Leveraging our extensive experience, Beyond Numerics offers a tools-based approach to Application Reengineering enabling organizations to achieve their business objectives. Beyond Numerics’ legacy transformation service unlocks the investments in legacy systems through analysis of application portfolio, business logic extraction, and tool-based approach.
Our customized services include:
------Code re-structuring
------Platform transitions
------Language conversion
------Migration to client/server and web.


Our training & education practice is based on several concepts.

- First of all, we train on topics we know and use ourselves.

- We provide end-to-end education services.

We test your existing knowledge and proficiency on the subject

We advise on a training curriculum in function of your needs and expected results.

We deliver top quality training. Our trainers are experts in their domain, with a proven track record.

We test, take examination and certify knowledge. You have the assurance that you or your employees are tested in an objective, non-biased environment.

With Beyond Numerics, you are not alone.